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  • During 8 years as a CIO for 2 organizations, Seven Worldwide and Production Resource Group (PRG), I led efforts resulting in the direct contribution of $20MM towards earnings.
  • Completely redesigned and automated the ordering through collections process--once for a high transaction rental/sales company with a manufacturing arm, and once for a service company.
  • Positioned technology organizations through four successful re-financing transactions, covering the public (SEC) and private (VC) arenas.
  • Experienced in a high-growth mode building infrastructure, department structure and systems standards from scratch, and in a downsizing mode right-sizing corporate departments to accommodate decreased revenue.
  • Established a complete BPO operation in India to handle increased price-pressure from key clients.
  • Established an off-shore development center to successfully build back-office applications.
  • Navigated successfully two different companies through two complex ERP roll-outs (PeopleSoft & Oracle). An expert with lowering total cost of ownership and bringing the greatest value from significant capital investments.
  • Built, managed and optimized complex, 200+ node telecommunications networks, blending the right mix of outsource and in-house management.
  • A superior negotiator.
  • A builder of consensus around positive change. Adept at internal & external selling of ideas--financially, and within sales and operations.

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